Turtle Beach Earns Over One Billion in Revenue From Gaming Headset Business

December 17, 2015 Written by Zarmena Khan


Headset manufacturer, Turtle Beach, has announced that the company has earned over $1 billion in revenue from its gaming headset business since entering the market a decade ago. 

In a press release, Turtle Beach said that latest NPD data showed a “strong reception” to the brand, especially during November 2015, which was the busiest time of the year. Four out of five best-selling (by revenue) third-party headsets are made by Turtle Beach, with the Ear Force Stealth 400 currently being the best-selling third-party headset for the PlayStation 4. “The Ear Force Recon 60P and Ear Force Recon 50P are already the second and third best-selling PS4 headsets in the market under $50 for the month of November, based on November 2015 ASP (Average Selling Price),” the company wrote.

Turtle Beach is also the current market leader in Germany and United Kingdom.