The Division’s Latest Update Increases PvP Weapon Damage

July 14, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan


The Division‘s 3-hour maintenance today resulted in two new changes including increased weapon damage in PvP. Here’s the changelog in Ubisoft’s own words:

  • Modified PvP weapon damage modifier so players will deal about 20 percent more weapon damage to each other (note that this change does not impact skill damage)
  • Added more kill volumes to Dragon’s Nest map. When exiting the map area, characters will be automatically killed

The changes follow a rather comprehensive update from this past Tuesday, which implemented a number of fixes alongside reducing the base damage of all G36 Assault Rifles by 15 percent. The full changelog can be found here

The Division‘s Underground expansion is set to release on August 2 for the PlayStation 4. The DLC comes with Dragon’s Nest incursion and Underground mode alongside some free content available to all players – challenge missions and heroic difficulty

Stay tuned for more on the game and/or check out our previous coverage.

[Source: Ubisoft]