Dishonored 2 Protagonist Emily’s Appearance and Weapons Will Reflect Her Status as Empress

July 28, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

dishonored 2 emily

Arkane Studios has said that Dishonored 2‘s protagonist, Emily Kaldwin, will reflect her status as an Empress in the upcoming title in a number of ways. In a new post explaining the evolution of Emily and Corvo, the developer explained that it arrived at three pillars to form the basis of her character: Dunwall, Empress and Assassin. 

With the exception of a tragic event, Emily’s upbringing has been “pretty good,” according to Creative Director Harvey Smith. The aforementioned pillars shine through her demeanor, powers and even clothes. 

Emily doesn’t wear rags. She wears an asymmetrical-cut jacket with gold embroidery befitting someone who grew up in a palace. She has taste and she has the finest tailors working for her. When she’s carrying a pistol or a crossbow, they need to look like they were made by the finest craftsmen in the Empire of the Isles.

Lead Designer Dinga Bakaba adds:

In a way you can say the Outsider marks people according to their personalities. She’s an Empress. She’s younger. She has a different personality. So her powers reflect that. She has a lot of powers that allow her to subdue the will of others.

An example of one such power is “Mesmerize,” which calls upon an entity to enthrall the enemies so that Emily can easily eliminate or slip past them.

Dishonored 2 comes out on November 11 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Bethesda]