Here’s a New Skyrim Special Edition PS3 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison Video

October 23, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

If all the gameplay trailers released by Bethesda thus far aren’t enough for you, here’s a new Skyrim Special Edition graphics comparison video that makes differences between its last-gen version and current-gen version quite clear. Folks over at PlayStation Access offer a side-by-side comparison, which gives you a good idea of what kind of improvements have been added in the newer version of the critically-acclaimed RPG. Check it out.

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new in the upcoming title:

  • Mod support on consoles
  • Remastered art and effects
  • Volumetric lighting (“God Rays”)
  • Dynamic Depth of Field
  • Screen-space reflections
  • New snow and water shaders

Having gone gold recently, Skyrim Special Edition releases on Friday, October 28, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’ll come with all three expansions and will require 20GB of space on the PS4 in North America, and 33GB of space in Europe.

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