The Dwarves Day One Update Improves Performance, Is 7GB on PS4

November 30, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

If you’re planning on picking up The Dwarves when it launches on December 1, there will be a big day one update available to download that fixes performance issues on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

7.13GB on PS4 and 3.09GB on Xbox One, The Dwarves update 1.01 fixes lag spikes, improves the frame-rate and load times, adds a second slot for AutoSaves, and much more, as you can see in the full list of patch notes:

Performance Optimizations

  • Lag-spikes in multiple locations fixed
  • Better frames-per-second in multiple combat arenas due to preloading, enemy behavior changes and enhanced trackers
  • Better fps in additional locations due to graphical adjustments/optimizations
  • Some texture adjustments (slightly better loading times, reduced potential lag spikes)

Graphical Improvements

  • Soft particles in all quality settings
  • Updated fog in multiple locations
  • Added effects (Steam, smoke) in multiple locations
  • Tone-Mapping/HDR adjustments in multiple locations


  • Many camera colliders had been optimized for less camera jumps/clipping problems
  • Nav-Mesh/Character collider improvements
  • UI improvements in Shop-, Level-Up, Party and XP screen; HUB fixes
  • Rodarios Fake Death ability works as described now
  • Balancing changes in some battles
  • Added a hint to the worldmap to show how many days a village will withstand its attackers
  • Boindil can’t knock himself out anymore by running into walls
  • If the game is paused, there is now an indication for that and an info how to resume
  • Sidequest marker for the worldmap
  • Additional loading screen tips

Bug Fixes

  • Potential crash bug after restarting Mifurdania Woods fixed
  • Potential crash after fighting with Bislipur for the first time fixed
  • Bug after introduction of Andokai/Djerun fixed
  • Bug after climbing down the oak tree fixed
  • It’s no longer possible to be trapped between objects
  • Fixed some rendering issues with characters in the UI


  • More music in the credits scene
  • Added missing supporters to the orc army in the credits scene
  • Added a second slot for AutoSaves. Both slots alternate
  • Added Chinese language

The Dwarves features 15 playable characters, including Djerun, who you can learn more about in the above trailer.

There’s 31 Trophies to unlock in The Dwarves, including a Platinum. The majority of Trophies appear to be progression-based, while one Silver asks you to kill 1,000 enemies in battle.

[Source: Exophase]