Dying Light Zombiefest 2 Underway for Christmas Weekend, GTA Online Adds Special “Explosive” Gift

December 24, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan


It’s finally Christmas weekend and while our readers say they have plenty to choose from among all the recent video game releases, if you’re in the mood to jump back into some of the older games – namely, Dying Light and Grand Theft Auto Online – then this might be of interest to you.

Folks over at Techland have kicked off Zombiefest 2, the global “Be the Zombie” event, which runs until December 26, 11:30 pm PDT. The developer writes:

Play the Be the Zombie mode or enable Invasions this weekend to take part in the second global Be the Zombie event. We’re putting a little twist on things this time around though. No spits, tackles, or sensing other players. Instead, we go back to the basics: UV Flashlight and Pounce!

The cumulative kills for both sides are tracked live to once again determine who the real predators are: Survivors or Hunters. Get a GOLD-TIER WEAPON (usable in Campaign mode) for participation and enjoy a MODIFIED RANK TITLE reflecting the final result (active for 3 weeks).

You can check out a trailer for Zombiefest 2 below.

Meanwhile in GTA Online, while we’ve already detailed the Festive Update here, Rockstar has announced that it’ll be rewarding players with the following items for logging in on Christmas day:

•    Unicorn Mask

•    Set of Pajamas (Either White Graphic or Blue Check)

•    Fireworks Launcher plus 10 Fireworks rockets

•    Carbine Rifle plus 200 rounds of Ammo

•    Marksman Rifle plus 200 rounds of Ammo

•    Basic Knuckle Dusters

•    25 Sticky Bombs

•    25 Grenades

•    5 Proximity Mines

•    5 Molotovs

•    Full Snacks

•    Full Armor

In addition to the above, the developer will be handing out a “special explosive” gift in form of the Fireworks Launcher with 10 Fireworks rockets, and a special Event Tee between now until Monday.

Don’t forget that the Pfister Comet Retro Custom is also available now. For more details, head over here.