Horizon Zero Dawn Runs at a Nearly Locked 30fps, PS4 vs PS4 Pro Video Analysis Shows

February 20, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

After spending a week with Horizon Zero Dawn, Digital Foundry says it’s a “stunning technical showcase, no matter which iteration of PlayStation hardware you own.”

In the above PS4 vs PS4 Pro frame-rate test video (skip ahead to 2:35 for the comparison), Digital Foundry shows that Horizon Zero Dawn runs at a locked, properly frame-paced 30fps during the majority of gameplay. Although there are small drops of a few frames at infrequent times on both platforms, they’re “barely noticeable for the most part and masked by motion blur when they do appear.”

If you’re worried about the dynamic weather, Digital Foundry says, “The weather patterns have no real impact on performance. Rain, shine, fog, sandstorms, it doesn’t matter. The game runs very smoothly regardless.”

Their analysis adds that Horizon runs at native 1080p on a standard PS4 and checkerboard 4K on a PS4 Pro:

Horizon’s excellent performance at checkerboard 4K vs the native 1080p of the base PS4 version is a great achievement. While the Pro hardware has 2.3x the GPU power of the standard model, memory bandwidth hasn’t scaled in step – and it’s rare that we see a PS4 engine scale so gracefully between 1080p on base hardware and 4K on Pro (checkerboard or otherwise). That Guerrilla has achieved this with no impact to performance is impressive enough, but the team has pushed the envelope here, handing in more visual enhancements over the base version of the game.

If the minor frame-rate drops become bothersome for you, Horizon’s day one patch will include a PS4 Pro Performance mode that favors frame-rate.

Arekkz Gaming also did a PS4 vs PS4 Pro comparison:

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[Source: Eurogamer]