PS5 Pro Enhanced games

PS5 Pro Games Will Have an ‘Enhanced’ Label, Here’s What It Reportedly Means

As expected, Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to award an ‘Enhanced’ label to games that are enhanced for the PS5 Pro. And once again, insiders have beaten Sony to the punch, and spilled the beans about what this label entails. The company has yet to announce the PS5 Pro, but its existence is all but confirmed.

Requirements for games to earn the PS5 Pro Enhanced label

According to insider Tom Henderson, Sony will reportedly mandate developers who want to earn the Enhanced label to offer a “PS5 Pro-exclusive graphics mode.” Writing on Insider Gaming, Henderson claims that this mode will utilize PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution to upscale resolution to 4K, offer a consistent 60 FPS frame rate, and either add or increase existing ray tracing effects.

Documents allegedly obtained by Insider Gaming reveal that all of the above will be possible, thanks to the PS5 Pro’s faster RAM and GPU. Sony reckons that the upgraded hardware’s specs will make it 45% faster than the base console.

According to Henderson, games may also earn the “PS5 Pro Enhanced” label if they offer any of the following: increased target resolution than what they can support on the base console, increased “target maximum resolution” for games that have variable resolution on the standard PS5, increased target frame rate for games that target a fixed frame rate on the original, and include PS5 Pro exclusive ray tracing effects.