Ubisoft Compensating For Honor Players for Last Week’s Outage

February 27, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


Ubisoft suffered a global outage this past weekend that affected many of its games including For Honor. In order to compensate players, the developer has announced that it’ll be offering a three-day Champion status over the upcoming weekend to those who attempted to access the battleground between Feb 13 and Feb 26 at 2:00 am EST.

Here’s what you get with the Champion status:

– More Salvage from dismantling Gear

– More end-match Loot

– +25% XP Boost

– 3 Exclusive Champion Emblems

– An Exclusive Champion Icon next to your name

– +10% XP Boost for all players on your team

– Champion Statuses stack (i.e.: if you bought the Season Pass, you will get 3 extra days)

During the same weekend, there will also be a special community Order that will reward participants with double the amount of steel than usual.

The compensation applies to players across all platforms, with Ubisoft noting:

When you log into the game on March 3rd your account will have been granted the Champion Status (all accounts should be processed by midnight EST).

Were our readers affected by the outage?

[Source: Ubisoft]