The Division Now Has a Dedicated In-Game Microtransaction Shop

March 3, 2017Written by Martin Patiño


When The Division launched last year, developer Massive Entertainment stated that the game would not have microtransactions. But now, a few days before its first year anniversary, the game has a dedicated in-game vendor dedicated to microtransactions.

While microtransactions aren’t new to The Division, as players have been able to purchase skins from the Uplay Store soon after the game’s launch, this is the first time a section of the game’s map has been dedicated to the service.

The vendor, which was introduced with the release of Update 1.6 and the Last Stand DLC, sells “premium” vanity items such as skins for weapons and backpacks, clothes, and even emotes. The prices of the items range from around $5 to up to $10.


Items from the Premium Vendor are purchased using Premium Credits, in-game currency purchased with real money through the Uplay Store, Steam Store, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Game Store. The currency is available in increments of 500, 1050, 2400, 4600, and 7200.

While the vanity items purchased through the Premium Vendor does not affect the game’s balance in any way, it’s hard not to feel betrayed by the developer after they initially promised that the game would be microtransaction free.

[Source: VG247]