Somebody Finished Titanfall 2’s Gauntlet in 27 Seconds Doing It Backwards!

March 15, 2017Written by Alex Co


If you’ve played Titanfall 2’s single-player portion, then you most likely did a few runs in the campaign’s “The Gauntlet” time trial course. Trophy hunters undoubtedly spent a few hours trying the course just to get a time of less than 33.65 seconds in order to nab that “Become a Master” Trophy.

While I’ve seen a lot of people finish The Gauntlet in 30 seconds or less, someone just finished it in less than 30 seconds and did it backwards! Check out the two videos below where YouTuber Thoreaufare runs through the timed course backwards and manage to do a dang good job of it, even.

Titanfall 2 – Gauntlet (Backwards) (Frag Boost) [00:27:10]

Titanfall 2 – Gauntlet (Backwards) [00:34:70]

Not bad, no? And to think, I gave up on reaching the top three after a few tries.

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[Source: Thoreaufare (YouTube) via IBTimes]