This MLB The Show 17 Bug is Ridiculously Creepy But Has Thankfully Been Fixed

March 19, 2017 Written by Zarmena Khan

mlb the show 17 bug

Sony San Diego recently held a live stream to show off its upcoming title, MLB The Show 17, with an emphasis on graphical improvements. While showing the game’s customization options from work in progress, a pretty creepy glitch appeared that you can see above. The developers then proceed to show off the bug a little bit with some commentary, a clip of which you can see below courtesy of AllGamesDelta:

Thankfully, it’s been fixed.

Sony San Diego later tweeted:

In related news, the game supports HDR on regular PlayStation 4 and comes with audio/video options for PS4 Pro (including 4K). If you’re interested in a demonstration then you can find a recap of the hour-long live stream here.

MLB The Show 17 comes to PS4 on Tuesday, March 28.

[Source: Steve Noah (Twitter)]