Arkane Explains the Idea Behind One of Dishonored’s Tougher Trophies That Requires Zero Kills

September 17, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

dishonored clean hands trophy

If you’ve played any of the Dishonored games then you’ll be aware that it’s possible to complete them without killing anyone. It requires planning, being strategic, and having a ton of patience! Those who manage to achieve the feat are awarded with a gold “Clean Hands” trophy.

In a recent PlayStation Blog post, Sony quizzed Arkane Studios’ Lead Designer Dinga Bakaba about the trophy, who explained how it came to being.

At first we were thinking of including this sort of gameplay as an Easter egg, making it super obscure and hidden. But at some point our play-testers started noticing the potential for [completing the game without killing any NPCs] and they expressed an interest. So we thought ‘why not? Let’s see how far we can push this. Let’s see if we can support this urge for the entire game’. So we started thinking of ways the player could indirectly get rid of their targets. 

According to Arkane’s data, only 6 percent of the franchise’s players unlocked the Clean Hands trophies. “You have to think about every move you make in the game,” said Bakaba. That said, finishing the game without killing anyone doesn’t mean a happy ending. As the developer points out, “no one is a good guy in Dishonored.”

If you’re currently playing or plan to pick up Dishonored and need some help to unlock the trophy then head over to the blog post linked below for tips!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]