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Bethesda Thinks Skyrim Special Edition “Is Going to Do Tremendously Well”

Dishonored 2, meanwhile, “can still achieve enormous success and not be Skyrim.”

Dishonored 2 trophy list

Latest Dishonored 2 Trailer Highlights “Creative Kills,” Trophy List Revealed

Spoilers inside. Ye have been warned!


New Dishonored 2 Trailer Is All About The Creative Ways Emily & Corvo Can Kill Enemies

Bend Time with Corvo, create a Doppelganger with Emily.


Arkane: Dishonored 2 Takes Around 16-20 Hours to Beat the First Time Through

You can grab three PS4 dynamic themes for free right now!

Dishonored 2 555x328

Latest Dishonored 2 Gameplay Trailer Focuses on Corvo

Powers on display, too.


Watch How Players Can Eliminate Enemies in New Dishonored 2 Gameplay Video

Rip ’em apart limb from limb.

Dishonored 2 555x328

Arkane Hopes Players Give Dishonored’s DLC a Shot Before Playing Sequel

It’s kind of a bridge to the upcoming content.


Bethesda Brings New Dishonored 2 Gameplay to QuakeCon 2016

Doom hosting double XP weekend through Monday, August 8.

dishonored 2 emily

Dishonored 2 Protagonist Emily’s Appearance and Weapons Will Reflect Her Status as Empress

She’s had a “pretty good” upbringing.


Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches Villain Returns in Sequel, Arkane Explains Lack of Multiplayer

Remember Delilah Copperspoon?


E3 2016 – Dishonored 2 Gameplay Revealed, Collector’s Edition Announced

See Emily use her powers.

Dishonored 2 555x328

Dishonored 2 E3 2016 Teaser Trailer Appears Online (Update)

Gameplay reveal coming later today.


Report: Dishonored 2 Game Details Revealed

Lots of new and returning stuff!


Rosario Dawson, Vincent D’Onofrio Among Voice Cast for Dishonored 2

Sam Rockwell and Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal also on board.


Dishonored 2 Releases Worldwide on November 11, 2016

Gameplay reveal happening at E3.


Dishonored Definitive Edition Delivers a “Clear Upgrade” Over PS3/360 Versions, Says Analysis

But it remains mostly in line with the PC version running at maximum settings.


Bethesda Explains Why Dishonored Was Given a Remaster, and Skyrim Wasn’t

“I think it’s largely because it was the last thing we did on previous-gen.”


Dishonored Gameplay Comparison Pits PS4 vs Xbox 360

Arkane previously said the PS4 version is up to the level GOTY players get on a high-end PC.


Dishonored Definitive Edition Launch Trailer Features Gameplay

Get it now in North America, Friday in Europe.


Dishonored Definitive Edition PS4 Upgrade Is $20 for PS3 Game Owners

Bought Dishonored when it was free through PS+? You’re eligible!