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Sony to Discontinue Gran Turismo 5, Resistance 1-3’s Online Features in Early 2014

Expect an identical post, but with PS4 games, when the PS5 comes out.

Sony Sells 134,000 PS4s in Spain, Expects to Reach 150,000 by Christmas Eve

And now if you add in the rest of Europe…

Amazon UK Has PS4 Bundles for Sale, Only Ship From Mid-January

Celebrate the new year in style.

PSLSSA: Best Buy Has Limited Supplies of PS4 In-Store Today

Get one for that special someone: you.

Minecraft PS3 Patch 1.02 Out Now, “Fixes Chat, Audio and Some Other Issues”

Anyone want to make a PSLS level?

Game of the Year Award: 2013 Edition

There can only be one.

Biggest Failure of 2013 ‘Award’

Don Mattrick’s attempt at ‘Blue Steel’

Person of the Year: The 2013 Award

What, no Kaz?

Daily Reaction: Updates and Fixes Sony Should Include in the Next PS4 Firmware Update

We’ve been good, we swear.

Daily Reaction: Penny Arcade and the Diversity Initiative…Initiative

Separation Anxiety.

Investors Launch Class Action Lawsuit Against EA Over “Bug-Riddled” Battlefield 4

Imagine if investors had heard about Skyrim.

Four Door Lemon to Bring Joe Danger Games to PlayStation Vita in 2014

I’m sure I could fit more doors on a lemon.