Daily Reaction: Sony CES 2013 ‘Wows’ the Audience

In true Sony fashion.


Watch Sony’s CES Conference Here, Now



Daily Reaction: The GameStick vs a Stick

Can we use it to play fetch?


Daily Reaction: Celebrating 10 Years of Xbox Live

Gold subscribers get Seb’s comments too.


The Next Mass Effect Will be Developed by EA Montreal, Run on Frostbite Engine

The next Mass Effect is being handled by a different developer, on a new engine.

PS4 Logo

Daily Reaction: PS4, High Price with High Specs or Low Price with Low Specs?

Time for a third job?


Daily Reaction: The PS3 Hack – The Ethics, The Impact (Guest Starring KaKaRoTo)

Please Don’t Hack Us.


Lighting Up Frostbite 2: How Enlighten Takes DICE’s Engine to New Heights in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Lighting so gorgeous, it’s blinding.

CHAIR featured

GYROXUS Gaming Chair Rotates With Your Controller

This sits somewhere between immersive, and just plain stupid.


Sony’s Gaikai is Coming to Android, iOS “and Other Mobile Devices”

Never Stop Playing.

PlayStation Cloud Featured

Sony’s Gaikai Cloud Initiative to be Unveiled “Soon”

It sounds like Sony’s using the cloud sooner than we expected.


Daily Reaction: Does Sony Need a Kinect-Style Camera on PS4?

Move it or lose it.

Vita Gaming Gadget featured

PlayStation Vita Wins T3’s “Gaming Gadget of the Year” Award

It might not be selling, or receiving much developer support, but the Vita arguably still deserves this award.

Android Playstation Mobile Featured

How to Install PlayStation Mobile on any Android Device

Not “PlayStation Certified”? no problem!


PlayStation Mobile Now Live on Vita and Select Mobiles, Here’s How to Get it

The Vita just got a bunch more games.


30 Minutes With Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset, Prototype-SR

An unforgettable one-time experience, but certainly still a prototype.

Ps3 size compare featured

Super-Slim PS3 Size Compared in Pictures to Previous PlayStation 3’s

Did the PS3 lose a lot of weight, or just get a new hair cut?


SCE Patent Plans to Track Your DNA, Fingerprints, Voice Pattern, Iris, Face

Oh. My. God.


NASA Scientist Thinks We’re All NPCs in The PlayStation 7

Wait, what?


Sony Revealing New Virtual Reality Head Mount at TGS

You will witness the immersive future of vague immersive entertainment.