Razer PS5 Headset Controller Stand

Razer Announces Wireless PS5 Headset and Quick Charging DualSense Controller Stand

Razer has announced a new dual wireless headset for the PS5, as well as a new line of quick-charging stands for the DualSense controller. The Razer Kaira wireless headset also has a Pro variety that comes with RGB lights, longer battery life, and improved drivers. Both the controller stand and Razer Kaira are immediately available for purchase. The Razer Kaira Pro will be available for preorder starting November 30, 2021, shipping sometime in December 2021.

Notably, the Pro version will come with Razer’s Hypersense haptics driver, which will deliver “lifelike vibrations” based on positional information in-game. Due to processing sound signals in real-time, the Hypersense driver also doesn’t require any integration and can be used with any form of media. The Pro version also comes with metal accenting and an improved ear cushion. The new line of wireless headsets follows a similar wired version released in September 2021.

The Razer Kaira allows players to connect to their PS4, PS5, PC, and other devices using the USB-C or USB-A dongle via 2.4 GHz wireless connection, as well as their smartphone using Bluetooth—you can then switch between the two easily. The headset also comes with a cardioid mic. The Razer Kaira costs $99.99, while the Razer Kaira Pro will cost $199.99.

The quick-charging DualSense controller stands come in three varieties, matching the red, white, and black controller colors that Sony has released so far. The stand boasts an impressive three-hour full charging time. It features a curved design that allows the controller to fit snugly into it without tipping over. Additionally, the front of the stand has a light that indicates when the controller is done charging, and is USB-powered. The charging stand will cost $39.99.

Though largely known for its PC peripherals, Razer is no stranger when it comes to creating hardware for console gaming. Back in 2016, it released the officially licensed Razer Raiju controller for the PS4. In 2017, it released the wireless Razer Thresher Ultimate headset for the PS4 and Xbox One. We even covered the Razer Thresher in our official review.