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Brink Developer Splash Damage Purchased by Chinese Poultry Company

This is as unlikely of a buyer as any.


Brink’s First DLC ‘Agents of Change’ Gets Free Release

Bethesda has set a date for the first downloadable content of Brink,Read the full article…

Bethesda Offers Plenty for Everyone in Free Upcoming Brink DLC

Bethesda probably weren’t happy with Brink‘s critical reception (echoed in our review),Read the full article…

L.A. Noire Set for Success, Becomes Bestselling New IP in UK Ever

Team Bondi and Rockstar Games‘ latest title, L.A. Noire, was quite theRead the full article…

Brink Feature

PS3 Review – Brink

Games in the first person shooter genre have been aplenty for theRead the full article…

Free Brink DLC and Lag Fighting Patch Vaulting Onto PSN

Sure, you probably haven’t even had a chance to try out BrinkRead the full article…

Brink Developer Speaks Out on PSN Outage

With a heavy focus on online, FPS Brink released at a ratherRead the full article…


PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of May 9, 2011

With the PlayStation Network still down, despite plans for a release lastRead the full article…

Take Your Pick From These Latest Brink Ability Screenshots

Brink, the upcoming parkour-meets-fast-paced-FPS from Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks, is currentlyRead the full article…

Prepare to Conquer the Ark in Brink

Brink releases in about two weeks, and Splash Damage wants you to be prepared for battle, so they’ve released some videos for your learning pleasure.

Brink Offers 12 Screenshots to Tide You Over

12 new screenshots of Bethesda’s latest creation, Brink, have been released. AmongRead the full article…


Brink Running and Gunning to Store Shelves Early

Bethesda have pushed up the release date for Brink from May 17th to May 10th.

Brink Gets Teen Rating From ESRB

While 2011 may be rather over-crowded with first-person shooters, Splash Damage’s BrinkRead the full article…

New Brink Trailer Illustrates an Enticing Class System

Once Brink – in development from Splash Damage – is released inRead the full article…


Bethesda’s Release Schedule Calls for a Busy 2011

2011 is looking to be one heck of a year for BethesdaRead the full article…


Cross Game Chat – Interview Extravaganza

To celebrate the new year, we’ve put together an interview special highlighting some of the biggest titles of the year.

Brink Gets Serious in Latest Dev Dairy

Splash Damage has released Brink’s third video developer diary entitled, “The EndRead the full article…

Splash Damage Explains Why Brink was Delayed

When Splash Damage announced that their highly anticipated upcoming shooter, Brink, would be pushed back to 2011, many gamers were, understandably, dismayed and frustrated. Many wondered if something had gone wrong with production, and almost instantly questions were raised regarding the game’s final quality. However, in a recent interview, the CEO of Splash Damage reassured restless gamers about why his studio decided to delay the game, and why it can only be a good thing.

Splash Damage: “Same Great Experience” on all Platforms

First off, Splash Damage allowed gamers of all sorts to get their hands on Brink, during the event. Wedgewood claims this is a rare opportunity for gamers to get their hands on an unreleased game; claiming that these sorts of events are almost always press-only. Later, Wedgwood talked about how Splash Damage worked really hard on ensuring the controls and experience from one version of the game, to another, are spot on.

Brink Eying Other Bethesda Series for Pre-Order Goodies

Brink, the FPS/RPG from Bethesda has had the pleasure of being theRead the full article…