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Demon Gaze II Review – An Average Revolution (PS4)

Turn your enemies into your allies.

demon gaze 2 launch trailer

Demon Gaze II Out Today for PS4 & Vita, Watch the Launch Trailer

Will you join the revolution?

demon gaze 2 dlc

NIS America Announces New Demon Gaze II DLC

The game’s demon dating aspect detailed as well.

demon gaze 2 launch trailer

Latest Demon Gaze II Trailer Wants You to Give Demons Some TLC

Demons need love too!

Demon Gaze 2 Global Edition - Famitsu

Demon Gaze II Global Edition Announced in Japan

Full HD on PS4, and English language support in this Japanese release.

Demon Gaze II Trailer Introduces New Characters

Six characters, and demons!

Demon Gaze 2

Demon Gaze II & Tokyo Tattoo Girls Both Release on November 14, NIS America Reveals

Demon Gaze II is for PS4 & Vita, Tokyo Tattoo Girls is for Vita & PC.

Fall 2017 Vita Games That Should Be on Your Radar

The Vita isn’t dead!

Demon Gaze II Comes West in Fall 2017 for PS4 & PS Vita

North America and Europe will get it a year after Japan.

demon gaze 2 launch trailer

Demon Gaze Sequel Hits Japan This Fall; See Some Videos, Poke Some Demons

We all have demons. Some of us choose to date them.