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See Cloud’s Limit Breaks in 50 Dissidia Final Fantasy Screens

Finish Touch! Oh and is that Braver!? Climhazzard!


Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Livestream Starts 7:00a.m. EST (Plus, New Trailer)

So you gotta wake up before noon.


Dissidia PS4 Possible After 1 Year Arcade Exclusivity; Game Made on Modified PS4 Tech

Final Fantasy Tactics character & FFVII stage added.


Holy Crap, Square, You Gotta Bring Dissidia Final Fantasy to PS4 and/or Vita (Trailer)

I need this in my life. And you do too.

Elegant Final Fantasy Dissidia PSP Appears at Hobby Fair

Yesterday in Tokyo, The 2011 Winter Next Generation World Hobby Fair kickedRead the full article…

Dissidia Final Fantasy’s Price Gets Slashed in Half

Dissidia: Final Fantasy released mid-2009 on the PSP and brought Final FantasyRead the full article…

Dissidia Final Fantasy May Be Taking the Fight to New Turf

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Amazon Summons Massive Dissidia: Final Fantasy Price Drop

Square Enix‘s Final Fantasy based fighter was released this past August onRead the full article…

Dissidia Final Fantasy Gets Two Exclusive Packages

Two exclusive packages will be coming from GameStop and Amazon for SquareRead the full article…

Dissidia Recieves Enticing New Bundle

Dissidia Final Fantasy is getting a PSP bundle in time for itsRead the full article…

E3 Marks Beginning of PSP Software Onslaught

¬† The PSP has become a very hot subject, as of late.¬†Read the full article…

Final Fantasy: Dissidia Coming Late August?

Written by Anthony According to this listing for Final Fantasy: Dissidia,Read the full article…

Square Enix Party and Final Fantasy XIII News

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has revealed more info about theRead the full article…