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Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Band Hero DLC Soon to Disappear Forever

But some of it is on sale for up to 50% off in the meantime.

DJ Hero 2 Pendulum DLC Hitting PlayStation Store Today

It was a sad, sad day when Activision confirmed that it wouldRead the full article…


DJ Hero Franchise Takes Its Last Spin

I know how upsetting the recent news of Activision killing off theRead the full article…


PS3 Review – DJ Hero 2

Our DJ Hero 2 review is here and is ready to mix things up…


PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of October 18, 2010

At this point, it’s hard to tell what is coming out on its given date anymore after a high-profile title like Gran Turismo 5 gets delayed. Just between last week and this week alone, Rock of the Dead was scheduled for release and was subsequently rescheduled. While there are some sketchy releases on this week’s horizon, there are definitely some anticipated, definite releases in store with the core gamers in mind. This week, MMA fans are in luck while fans of music and legitimate musicians each have a package for their PlayStation 3. Not to cut short the Move gamers, there are two shooters on the front lines at the ready. Check out this week’s PlayStation releases and more (that’s right, more) below.


DJ Hero 2 DLC Revealed; Mix of Trailers Released

DJ Hero 2 is set to hit retail shelves in less thanRead the full article…

Buy DJ Hero 2, Get DJ Hero Free

Publishing powerhouse Activision has officially confirmed that consumers who purchase either the DJ Hero 2 Turntable Bundle or Party Bundle will get a standalone version of the first DJ Hero game for free.

DJ Hero 2 Empire Mode ‘Vignette’

DJ Hero 2 is much more than just a sequel to theRead the full article…

Huge PS3, Blur, DJ Hero Deals Coming Next Week

Whether you’re considering purchasing a new PS3 or perhaps just picking upRead the full article…

DJ Superstar Tiësto Becomes DJ Hero

While the debut of the DJ Hero franchise may not have metRead the full article…

DJ Hero May Have Helped The Audio Industry

DJ Hero has slowly but surely risen to become a commercial successRead the full article…

DJ Qbert Joins DJ Hero 2′s Ranks

Today, Activision announced that legendary turntable musician DJ Qbert will be joining the ranks of other DJ’s in DJ Hero 2. DJ Qbert has won multiple worldwide competitions and is highly regarded within the DJ world.