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Grim Fandango Coming to PS4 & PS Vita, Retrospective Video Released

Watch Tim Schafer talk for a very long time.


Sony Releases ‘My Alien Buddy’ DLC for PS4’s The Playroom: Developed by Double Fine, is Free

I’m not your buddy, guy.


Double Fine Reportedly Considering Purchase of THQ Assets

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if every major player in the industry gets involved.

Double Fine

Double Fine Aiming to Become Completely Independent

Studio looking to crowdfunding and investors instead of traditional method of publishers.

PSN Stacking up in February

Double Fine will be bringing out their next downloadable title, Stacking, next month. It is a unique adventure game with Russian stacking dolls as characters.

THQ wants to Multiply Double Fine Deal

THQ has a contract to publish two games from Double Fine, but it seems like they want some more from this very fine developer.

Costume Quest Gets Into Christmas Spirit With DLC

Developer Double Fine is getting into the Christmas spirit by announcing thatRead the full article…


Psychonauts 2 a Possibility; Could be ‘Big Hit’

Psychonauts initially was sort of a flop with very lackluster sales, butRead the full article…

THQ Announces Costume Quest Release Date

Costume Quest, the adventure role-playing game which is the first of twoRead the full article…

Schafer Calls his ‘Prick’ Comment Towards Kotick an ‘Accident’

Tim Schafer let it be known a few days ago, how heRead the full article…

Tim Schafer: Several Retail & Downloadable Titles in The Work

After his comments slating off Activision’s CEO during his Develop keynote, DoubleRead the full article…

Bobby Kotick is a “total prick” says Schafer

I think its about time for someone to phone up Don KingRead the full article…

Get Ready to Rock New Brutal Legend DLC

Brütal Legend was a very entertaining game, thanks in large part toRead the full article…


PS3 Review – Brütal Legend

The highly anticipated game from Double Fine, Brütal Legend, has finally hit storeRead the full article…

Brutal Legend Demothon Live

Are you ready to Rock? Ormagoden, the Cremator of the Sky, theRead the full article…

Activision Originated the Month of Rocktober

Rocktober, as it is currently known, is associated with the much-hyped titleRead the full article…

Get Ready for One Very ‘Brutal’ Contest

I’m sure all of you are excited about Electronic Arts‘ upcoming gameRead the full article…

Double Fine and EA Rock PS Store with Brütal Legend Demo

Players Rewarded with Early Access to Tim Schafer’s Heavy Metal Action OpusRead the full article…

Activision and Double Fine Settle their Slapfight

In the past months, Activision and Double Fine haven’t exactly had theRead the full article…

Brutal Legend is in for a Brutal Court Battle

If you remember a certain story from way back when, Activision claimedRead the full article…