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Shuhei: DualShock 4’s Light Bar Always Being on is “Kind of Required”

“You’ll be able to make it very, very dark.”

Ability to Turn off the DualShock 4’s Light Bar is Coming (Update: Shuhei Meant Dim)

Shuhei Yoshida confirms it will happen in a future PS4 firmware update.

Sony Acknowledges DualShock 4 Analog Stick Tearing, “A Very Small Number of Users” Have Reported it

It’s covered under the PS4’s warranty and will be replaced for free.

Shuhei Yoshida: Option to Dim DualShock 4’s Light Bar “Would be Nice”, No Date for Red/Blue DualShock 4s in North America

His favorite PSX game is Crash Bandicoot 3.

Shuhei Yoshida: YouTube App/Browser Support “Not on Day 1”, DualShock 4 Battery Life “A Bit Shorter” Than DualShock 3

At least you can charge it in standby.

Here’s What it Looks Like On-Screen When Your DualShock 4’s Battery is Low

It isn’t very shocking.

New PS4 Videos Highlight the DualShock 4, PS4/PS Vita Remote Play, and Epic Journeys

PS4 gameplay, ho!

DualShock 4: Battery Life Similar to DS3, Can Charge in PS4 Standby Mode, Glows Orange When Charging

PS4 to PS3 communication restricted to text messages.

Shuhei Yoshida Comments on Lack of Charge Cable With the DualShock 4

Red/Blue DualShock 4s still releasing “soon after” PS4 launch.

Sony Talks How They Took “the Good Parts of the” Xbox 360 Controller to Help Shape the DualShock 4

There’s some good news for you sweaters out there.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Dev on How They Influenced DualShock 4; Supporting the Game for at Least 18 Months

There could be some different control schemes based on community feedback.

Report: DualShock 4 on PS3 Doesn’t Work With Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 14, More

I knew it was too good to be true.

Shuhei: Red & Blue DualShock 4 Controllers Releasing in US and Canada “Soon,” Not Before November 15th Though

He doesn’t recommend putting your PS4 vertically without the stand.

DualShock 4’s Buttons Are The Same as DualShock 3’s, “I Don’t Think you Would Feel a Difference”

DualShock 3’s face buttons aren’t evenly placed.

Sony Explains DualShock 4 Minutia, How Stick Stiffness Was Chosen

L3/R3 are easier to use.