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Shuhei Yoshida Comments on Lack of Charge Cable With the DualShock 4

Red/Blue DualShock 4s still releasing “soon after” PS4 launch.


Sony Talks How They Took “the Good Parts of the” Xbox 360 Controller to Help Shape the DualShock 4

There’s some good news for you sweaters out there.


Killzone: Shadow Fall Dev on How They Influenced DualShock 4; Supporting the Game for at Least 18 Months

There could be some different control schemes based on community feedback.


Report: DualShock 4 on PS3 Doesn’t Work With Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 14, More

I knew it was too good to be true.


Shuhei: Red & Blue DualShock 4 Controllers Releasing in US and Canada “Soon,” Not Before November 15th Though

He doesn’t recommend putting your PS4 vertically without the stand.


DualShock 4’s Buttons Are The Same as DualShock 3’s, “I Don’t Think you Would Feel a Difference”

DualShock 3’s face buttons aren’t evenly placed.


Sony Explains DualShock 4 Minutia, How Stick Stiffness Was Chosen

L3/R3 are easier to use.


The Catch-Up: October 21st, 2013 – DualShock 4 Working With PS3 Video, 17-Minute Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Walkthrough

Call of Duty: Ghosts launch trailer, DC Universe Online update 31 preps for PS4.


Shuhei Yoshida: DualShock 4’s Analog Sticks & Buttons Will Work Just Fine With PCs for Basic Functions

Digital titles will install faster on PS4, Japanese pre-sales start today.


Yoshida: PS Vita to Get PS4 Link App to Add What PlayStation App Can do

Red/Blue DualShock 4s should be out soon after PS4 launch in the US and Canada.


PS4 Getting a Wave Blue & Magma Red DualShock 4 This Year, Check Them Out Inside

Charging station and vertical stand get retail boxes.


Sony Developers Discuss the PS4’s DualShock 4 Controller

It’s so purdy.

DualShock 4 Header

PS4’s DualShock 4 Controller Specs Revealed

It’s starting to grow on me…