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Far Cry 4 Elephants of Kryat Trailer Features Intense Elephant Destruction

Elephant madness!


Far Cry 4 Inspired by Nepalese Civil War According to Ubisoft

Met with ex-child soldiers.


Far Cry 4′s Lead Female Character Revealed, Looks Fierce

General of the Royal Army.


gamescom 2014: New Far Cry 4 Videos Show Kyrat, Detail Keys to Kyrat Co-Op

Where’s my elephant?


Far Cry 4 is a “Significant Step Forward” From Far Cry 3, Won’t Have a Traditional Villain

Pagan Min is no Vaas.

Far Cry 4 Preview 1

Far Cry 4 “Research” Trailer #3 Released by Ubisoft

See how Far Cry 4′s locations are created.

far cry 3 jason brody

Far Cry 4 Writer Explains Changes in New Game, Far Cry 3′s “Dude Bro” Was Misunderstood

“Dude bros” are a problem.


Ubisoft Explains the Story Behind Far Cry 4 Villain’s Flamboyant Suit

He loves his mommy.

Far Cry 4 Preview 1

Far Cry 4 “E3 2014 Accolades” Trailer Released by Ubisoft, “Kryat Edition” Revealed

Ubisoft is far from crying with Far Cry 4…

Far Cry 4 “Packed to the Gills” With Women, Says Ubisoft

Binders of them!

Best of E3 2014

Best of E3 2014 Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions

Watch the awards get handed out inside! Spoiler – One of them faints.

Farcry 4

Far Cry 4 Hands-On E3 2014 Preview: Them Powerful Pachyderms (PS4)

Is it wrong to be sad when my elephant dies?


Meet Far Cry 4′s Protagonist Ajay Ghale

The excitement around elephants surprised Ubisoft.


PS4 Pre-Loading Now Begins on June 24th With Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (Update)

No word on if this will happen in Europe.


Far Cry 4 PS3/PS4 Exclusive “Keys to Kyrat” Co-Op Mode Requires a Client Download

“You get 10 invites.”


A Playable Female Character in Far Cry 4 Co-op was “Inches Away”

“I can guarantee you that in the future, moving forward, this sort of stuff will go away.”


Far Cry 4 on PS3, PS4 Allows You to Invite PSN Friends Who Don’t Own the Game to Play

Only on PlayStation.


Far Cry 4 Gets a Gameplay Walkthrough

Don’t cry.