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Far Cry 4 Preview 3

Far Cry 4 Creative Director Says “Linear Story Games are Really Going to Suffer”

Not sure if I agree with him.


Newest PS4 Commercial is All About Friendly Competition

That’s KD alright.


Far Cry 4 Season Pass Confirmed, Includes New Missions & Overrun PvP Mode

Get day one access to The Syringe.


Ubisoft Explains Why Far Cry 4 Isn’t Just “Far Cry 3.5″

Dev team says it “definitely” had the option to do Far Cry 3.5.


Far Cry 4 Trailer Asks How You Can Survive in Kyrat

Danger lurks everywhere.


Far Cry 4 Aiming for 1080p “Across Consoles and PC,” PS4 & PS3 Differences Discussed

It’s still being optimized.


Far Cry 4 Trailers Explore the Lowlands of Kyrat, New Gameplay

Listen to Crawl by Childish Gambino while you watch.

Far Cry 4 Preview 3

Far Cry 4′s Map Size is Same as Far Cry 3′s, But Offers More Activities

So much space.


Far Cry 4 Limited Edition Trailer Features Hurk, Monkeys, & a Harpoon Gun

It’s awesomesauce.

Far Cry 4 Preview 1

Far Cry 4 Trailer Shows Off Weapons, Introduces Longinus

It goes boom!

Far Cry 4 Preview 3

Ubisoft Considered South America and Russia Settings for Far Cry 4

Himalayan diversity won in the end.


New Far Cry 4 Trailer is All About Pagan Min, PS4 & PS3 Bundles Announced for Europe

Nothing for North America, sadly.


Far Cry 4 Elephants of Kryat Trailer Features Intense Elephant Destruction

Elephant madness!


Far Cry 4 Inspired by Nepalese Civil War According to Ubisoft

Met with ex-child soldiers.


Far Cry 4′s Lead Female Character Revealed, Looks Fierce

General of the Royal Army.


gamescom 2014: New Far Cry 4 Videos Show Kyrat, Detail Keys to Kyrat Co-Op

Where’s my elephant?


Far Cry 4 is a “Significant Step Forward” From Far Cry 3, Won’t Have a Traditional Villain

Pagan Min is no Vaas.

Far Cry 4 Preview 1

Far Cry 4 “Research” Trailer #3 Released by Ubisoft

See how Far Cry 4′s locations are created.