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Kratos Gets Animated in this God of War Manga

Despite being a landmark franchise is Europe and North America, Sony knows the God of War franchise is not as popular in Japan as it is in its home country. How can the Japanese audience be assimilated into Kratos’ story of revenge and destiny? Making a manga of course!

God of War Collection Coming to PlayStation Store *UPDATE*

Kratos brings chaos to the PlayStation Store…

God of War: Ghost of Many Hats

God of War: Ghost of Sparta releases in just a few weeks.Read the full article…

Jaffe Reveals Inspiration Behind Kratos

When God of War first launched on the PlayStation 2 in 2005,Read the full article…

Sony Santa Monica is Conjuring Up New Talent

Sony Santa Monica employees are the brains behind the unforgettable Greek mythologyRead the full article…

Sony: Ghost of Sparta is PSP’s ‘Best-Looking’ Game

God of War I and II pushed the PlayStation 2 to the max, and on the PS3, God of War III raised the bar in every aspect of gaming, with top-notch presentation, insane levels of detail, and brutal gameplay. And now, it appears that the next God of War installment for the PSP is aiming to achieve the same result for Sony’s portable.

Killer God of War III Deal is Fit for the Gods

If you haven’t picked up God of War III yet, (what theRead the full article…

PSLS Presents – Mike Reagan, Award Winning Video Games Composer

Mike Reagan is one of the games industry’s most renowned composers, having won an Interactive Academy Award, the Game Audio Network Guild’s Music of the Year award, and Best Original Soundtrack for his work on the God of War series. Mike is also known for his scores in such games as Darksiders, Darkwatch and Conan. PlayStation LifeStyle chatted with Mike to discuss his music, his influences, and his future work – including the upcoming God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

Kratos Assumes New Managerial Role at SCEA

Ah, Kratos, we meet again. Gelfbury Films, the talent behind such parodiesRead the full article…

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Revealed for the PSP

Learn about Kratos’ dark past in the upcoming PSP game, God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Top 5 Current PlayStation Mascots

Over the years, many have wondered what the official mascot is forRead the full article…

Spartans Standing Tall Despite Pouring Rain; Kratos “Definitely” Could Live On

The mysterious teaser website has been updated…

David Jaffe Talks PSN Game Sharing

God of War and Twisted Metal director, David Jaffe, is one ofRead the full article…

Jaffe’s Next Game Plot Planning Shows Twisted Images [UPDATE]

God of War creator and Twisted Metal Director, David Jaffe has frequently teased his upcoming game, with the twitter and blogging addict purposely and accidentally releasing numerous clues about the title. In a recent post on his personal blog, Jaffe may have let slip some important details about his game from Eat Sleep Play.

David Jaffe + ModNation Racers = Success

The major feature for the upcoming title ModNation Racers is none other than all of the creative tools at your disposal. You can edit you track, racer, and kart down to the smallest details for some absolutely amazing results. Sony is captilizing on this by releasing a series of video prior to release entitled “Artist Spotlight” featuring some of Sony’s most popular and well known developers talking about their experience and thoughts about the game. Sony went to the bullpen and recruited ‘The Man’ himself, David Jaffe, to talk to the talk about his love for ModNation Racers.

God of War “Depicted” in Renaissance Masterpiece

God of War has spawned a series of video games, as wellRead the full article…

Show Spartan Pride with New God of War Posters

The God of War series is renowned for its graphic and brutalRead the full article…

Dille: God of War III Sold 1 Million in “just a couple days”

We always knew God of War 3 had went gangbusters in salesRead the full article…

Thoughts on David Jaffe’s Next Game

David Jaffe is certainly a big headline-maker for PlayStation gamers. His subtle hintsRead the full article…

Jaffe’s New Game Will Definitely Feature DLC

The creator of God of War and founder of Eat Sleep Play,Read the full article…