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Sony: “Over Two-Thirds of Beta Users are Likely to Recommend PlayStation Now”

“Betas are all about learning.”


Sony Dodges Questions About PS1/PS2 Games Still Coming to PlayStation Now (Update)

Sony’s Jack Buser tries to ninja his way out of this one…


PlayStation Now Open Beta Starts Today, Check Out The Video Walkthrough

$1.99 rentals won’t start for another few weeks.


PlayStation Now Subscription Option Being “Diligently” Worked on

The open beta will have 100 titles when it starts tomorrow.


PlayStation Home Redesign Arrives Tomorrow – Are You Ready?

PlayStation Home has been through a lot since it first launched aRead the full article…


PSN Preview – The New PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home has come a long way since its open beta firstRead the full article…


PlayStation Home – Over 23 Million Strong, Evolving With A New Major Redesign

PlayStation Home has come a long way since details of the socialRead the full article…

Go To Hollywood in PlayStation Home

Ever since November 2008, PlayStation Home, the PlayStation 3’s social gaming network,Read the full article…


PSLS Presents – Jack Buser, Director for PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home has come a long way compared to when it wasRead the full article…

PlayStation Home Sales 3x Stronger Than Last Year

PlayStation Home has been a success for Sony, and it looks likeRead the full article…

PSLS Presents – Jack Buser, Director of PlayStation Home

Jack Buser has been the go-to guy for SCEA‘s PlayStation Home service.Read the full article…

Sony Says Home Has Been a Huge Success, Quite Profitable

Even though PlayStation 3’s virtual world service, PlayStation Home, has been inRead the full article…

PlayStation Home Boasts Impressive Figures

After many delays and extensive beta testing, PlayStation Home is finally comingRead the full article…

PlayStation Home Enters New Private Beta

Hot on the heels of SCEA Home Director Jack Buser’s recent PlayStationRead the full article…

Consumer Feedback Finds Home

Now that PlayStation Home has been out for close to a yearRead the full article…

Home Readying Ribbon Cutting for Major Publishers

In a recent interview SCE’s Director of PlayStation Home, Jack Buser, indicated that the fair majorityRead the full article…

Sony to Release Three Home Spaces per Month

PlayStation Home will receive three new spaces every month, according to JackRead the full article…