PlayStation Home Enters New Private Beta

Hot on the heels of SCEA Home Director Jack Buser’s recent PlayStation Blog post discussing the current state of Home, it appears that the service will enter yet another ‘Closed Beta’ test phase for select users.

Apparently invites to this new, isolated Private Beta have already started going out, with users in Europe on the receiving end of said invites.

The following message is what users can expect to receive if they’re chosen to take part in this new Private Beta:

Dear Beta Tester,

You have been invited to take part in the Private Beta for PlayStation ® Home.

This Beta is to test and obtain your feedback on changes that have been made based on suggestions by yourselves and members of the PS Home Community.

Well, it looks like SCE is rethinking their approach to Home and taking their time to try and work out the many kinks that have plagued the service over the past few months. This could perhaps be a turning point for the service, as it has been under scrutiny as of late for pushing new digital content week after week, while neglecting the utilization of any new, usable features; I’m certainly hopeful.

Again, as stated, the only region to receive invites thus far has been Europe, but there’s probably a very good chance that we’ll see some activity in North America at some point as well. If you happen to receive an invite, let us know down in the comments! Just beware not to break your NDA!