PlayStation Home Sales 3x Stronger Than Last Year

PlayStation Home has been a success for Sony, and it looks like the momentum is just going to continue to build in its favor. Director Jack Buser recently let loose some interesting facts about just how well the program is faring.

In our recent interview with Mr. Buser and some of the SCEA team, it was revealed just how much better things are going when compared to last year:

“Revenue for Q1 calendar 2010 is three times greater than the same time period of 2009.”

Crystal Braswell, Senior Corporate Communications Specialist for SCEA, had also noted the userbase growth experienced within a year:

“…Jack mentioned 14 million users are now on PlayStation Home – during E3 of last year [2009], there were 6 million.”

This means at least one important fact for developers and publishers to pay attention to – people are happily spending their money on virtual goods within PlayStation Home. Have you bought any personal spaces, arcade machines, picture frames or other items within Home? Or do you only download/play the free offerings on tap? Let us know in the comments below.