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Tretton: PS Vita Came Out When People Felt Like They Didn’t Need a Dedicated Handheld

The former PlayStation boss weighs in on the Vita.

Sony Re-wrote Their E3 2013 Script Because of Microsoft’s Xbox One DRM, Used Game Policies

It was definitely the right move.

Xbox Boss and Former SCEA CEO Hugs Each Other Before E3 2014 Starts

Xbox and PlayStation guys hugging each other and no fighting. What is the world coming to?

Former SCEA Boss Jack Tretton Calls the PS4 “a Great Redemption”

Jack is so happy with the PS4’s success, he calls it a “great redemption.”

Building Trust: Yoshida, Reggie, and the Emergence of the Mascot Executive

Move over Sackboy, Kevin Butler, and Kratos; All we need is Shu.

The Catch-Up: May 29th, 2014 – Harmonix Lays Off 37 Staff

Jack Tretton will be at E3 2014 with Spike; Mortal Kombat X announcement teased for June 2nd.

The Catch-Up: May 28th, 2014 – Jack Tretton Joins Genotaur

thatgamecompany raises $7 million; Watch Dogs PR stunt ends with the bomb squad getting called in.

PSLS Forum Competitions: Week 1 Results and Trivia Answers

Learn some PSLS history!

Week in Review: 3/7/14 – Say It Ain’t So, Jack

What a week.

Jack Tretton Steps Down as SCEA President and CEO

He will be replaced by Shawn Layden, the Executive Vice President and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International.

Jack Tretton: Last Week We Sold 12,000 PS4s on Amazon “in 27 Minutes”, Sold Out

He talks about creating artificial shortages as well.

Jack Tretton: PS3 Would “Be a Great Success” if it Ended at 80 Million Units Sold

Majority of key franchise support will be from third parties.

Jack Tretton: Sony “Held Back” PS4 Manufacturing to Ensure Stock After November 15th

Best Buy to have PS4 inventory next week; PS4 margins aren’t great.

Check out the PS4 Launch Trailer; Jack Tretton: Expect “Many More Surprises to Announce Soon”

I can’t wait to play all 180 of those PS4 games in development.

Andrew House: I Would Say PS4 is “The Best Gaming Experience Out There”

Jack Tretton: “The more people who own a PlayStation 4, the more great software is going to come out for everybody in the PlayStation family.”

PlayStation Opens Giant HQ in Silicon Valley, Jack Tretton: “I think we Have Everything Going for us now”

Built with PS4 pre-order money.

PSLS: The Best of E3 2013 Awards

Simply the best.

Jack Tretton Says “The PlayStation 4 is the Most Powerful Machine, Hands-Down”

He also talks about the PS4Eye, PS+ for PS4 online gaming, and their pricing strategy.