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Two Teenagers Charged Over 2014’s DDoS Attacks on PSN, Xbox Live and Other Cyber Crimes

It all started with investigation into a paid harassment service.

PSN Down Daily Reaction

Six Suspected Lizard Squad Members Arrested in the UK

All are teenagers between 15-18.


PSN Down, Douche Squad Taking Credit [Update #2: Back Up, Still Some Issues]

Gaming’s most famous ass clowns strike again!


Teen Lizard Squad Member Arrested

Another one bites the dust.


Lizard Squad Member Arrested, Happy New Year?

Beginning of the end?

Someone Called 911 Because of the Recent PSN and Xbox Live Outages



FBI Currently Investigating Lizard Squad Over PSN and Xbox Live Outages

Hopefully they get them soon.


PSN Still Down, Lizard Squad Defends DDoS Attacks (Update)

For the “greater good.”

destiny server error

Destiny and Call of Duty Servers Impacted By DDoS Attack During the Weekend

Lizard Squad… ugh.

destiny server error

Lizard Squad Allegedly Attacked Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts Servers

Players frustrated.