PSN Down, Douche Squad Taking Credit [Update #2: Back Up, Still Some Issues]

[Update 2] Sony now says “Some services are experiencing issues.” as of 10:00am EST.

[Update] Sony now states that all services have returned, as of 3:00am EST.

Original story:

By all reports, including Sony’s official status page, the PSN is down, or in Sony’s own words, “experiencing issues,” and *eyeroll* your favorite group of tool bags is at it again.

It’s affecting PS4, PS3, and (I assume) Vita, but can’t get to my Vita to try that for myself at the moment. The Store, PlayStation Vue, Video, and PlayStation Now are among affected services.

The usual suspects are taking credit, though, much like any other type of terrorist or thief, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually did it — just that they’re glad it happened and wish that it had been their project. So it may or may not be.

Whatever.  Point is, PSN is officially down. If you’re having trouble logging in, it’s not just you.