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CD Projekt Red: “We Don’t Have Anything Planned” for the Next Witcher Game

Co-Founder isn’t sure there will be another one.

CD Projekt RED on Rivalry Within the Games Industry: It’s Not About “Who Can Make a Better Ghetto”

It’s about who is better for the gamer.

CD Projekt RED Doesn’t Want to Become a “10 Project Studio” Following The Witcher 3’s Success

The Witcher 3’s success won’t result in an increase of projects.

The Witcher Franchise “Deserves Some Rest,” Says CD Projekt RED

Don’t expect to hear about the next game anytime soon.

cyberpunk 2077 online

CD Projekt RED is “Hard at Work” on Cyberpunk 2077

The dev wanted to see how people felt about it.

The Witcher 3 Dev: Gamers Don’t Mind a Delay if it Reduces Bugs

Gamers “will only remember the very best games they played.”