CD Projekt RED is “Hard at Work” on Cyberpunk 2077

We were told back in May that CD Projekt RED’s upcoming title, Cyberpunk 2077, is unlikely to come out until 2017. Many said that the game was announced way too soon, and wondered why. CD Projekt RED’s Co-Founder and Joint CEO, Marcin Iwinski, has told IGN that the developer just wanted to see how gamers felt about it, and that the team is “hard at work” on the game.

We released the Cyberpunk teaser trailer because we wanted to see how gamers felt about it. We were super excited about the project internally, but what if it wasn’t the right thing [for us]? But the response has been incredible. Now it’s just up to us to deliver. We’re hard at work on it.

Iwinski said that he was impressed with the way Bethesda showed off Fallout 4 at E3 2015, and wants to do something similar. He also said that working on Cyberpunk 2077 is helping to keep things fresh within the studio.

You can craft swords for 12 years, but you might get burnt out. People might want to leave and go work on something else. We’re excited to switch to guns. We intended to keep [the team] energized with Cyberpunk. The core team is working The Witcher 3’s expansions, but more and more people are moving over onto Cyberpunk.

It’s likely that we’ll see a little bit more of the game during 2016, but don’t hold your breath.

[Source: IGN]