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Nyko Charge Block VR Review

Nyko Charge Block VR Hardware Review – Simple Solutions

A great answer to Move controller charging.


Sony Prepping Do-It-Yourself Move Games?

Ever since the debut of LittleBigPlanet, user-generated content has become a stapleRead the full article…

Sony Gets Stylin’ by Offering Free Game with Move Purchase

While the PlayStation Move may have been slow out of the gateRead the full article…


Racquet Sports – Trophy Guide

Originally released for the Wii, Racquet Sports is a PlayStation Move onlyRead the full article…

Get Moving With Swords & Soldiers

Swords & Soldiers released back in September, first to PlayStation Plus subscribers.Read the full article…

Are the Move and Kinect Shortages All a Hoax?

It’s no secret that we here at PlayStation LifeStyle like Sony’s motion controller, the PlayStation Move. As motion gaming seems to be all the rage for this holiday season, the hype may be real but are the shortages not?


Sony Has a Huge Edge on Microsoft for Motion Controller Software

It’s no secret that Sony and Microsoft have been at each other’sRead the full article…


PS3 Doing Some Mad VooDoo This Weekend

Halloween is this coming weekend. With it comes the VooDoo Experience, a festival in New Orleans. PlayStation will be present there as well.


PS3 Review – The Shoot

We give our “take” on The Shoot…

PlayStation Move Sells Out During First Week of Launch

PlayStation Move released only days ago and has hit a huge wallRead the full article…

Poll: Did You Buy the PlayStation Move? What Did You Buy With it?

This past Friday, September 17, the PlayStation Move officially made its debutRead the full article…

Demos Galore in This Week’s PlayStation Store Update

Who doesn’t love game demos? Am I right? We do, and weRead the full article…

Flight Control Skips a North American Landing

Flight Control HD, the upcoming PSN Move title received a bunch of new information from developer Firemint this morning. The good news? Release dates across the world. But wait…there is some bad news as well.

Kevin Butler Moves In with PlayStation Move Fans

PlayStation Move is now only weeks away and the Saints vs VikingsRead the full article…

Germans Love PlayStation Move

According to some recent sales data, it appears that Germans love theRead the full article…

Massive MAG PlayStation Move FPS Gameplay Footage

As if MAG, the truly massive action game from Zipper Interactive wasn’tRead the full article…

PlayStation Move the Number One Reason to Buy a PS3 This Fall

Sony’s PlayStation Move has gained notoriety since its announcement just over aRead the full article…

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Moves This September 19th

One of the first 3rd-party companies to pledge support to Sony’s PlayStation Move controller last Fall was none other than Capcom with Resident Evil 5. Coined the ‘Alternate Edition’ in Japan, Capcom was eager to let fans know that purchasing their re-release would also grant you access to PlayStation Move control setup but could never quite pin-point a release date for the patch until now. Resident Evil 5 fans get ready to experience fear in a whole new dimension this September.

First PlayStation Move Game Trophy List Revealed: Sports Champions

PlayStation Move is just a little over a mere month away fromRead the full article…

Flight Control HD Touches Down on PSN this September

It looks as though a new Move game has been discovered but this time it will be for the PlayStation Network. Flight Control HD is a port of the popular Iphone game and while it supports the move, it can be played with a good old DualShock 3. Not much else is known about the game though i am sure from the title and main image you can probably guess what you will be doing.