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NGP As Powerful As the PS3, But Will it Be As Expensive At Launch?

By now we know that the claims, as bold as they were,Read the full article…

Call of Duty Coming To Sony’s NGP

Amidst the freight train of information that has rammed us head onRead the full article…


NGP Image Gallery Is Stunning

Sony’s PlayStation Meeting took place in Tokyo, Japan, so – quality imagesRead the full article…


Official Sony NGP Spec Sheet

The PlayStation Meeting 2011 happened so fast, it was easy to missRead the full article…


NGP and LiveArea Official Sony Trailer

Following tonight’s massive announcements, Sony has provided us with an official trailerRead the full article…


Kojima to Announce NGP “Dream” Game at E3

As if it couldn’t get any better. Hot off the back ofRead the full article…


NGP (PSP2) Is Getting Near-er

The PlayStation Meeting is packed with details about the Next Generation Portable.Read the full article…


LiveArea To Redefine Portable Gaming Connectivity

Not often now-a-days do you see something truly incorporate new ideas intoRead the full article…

NGP To Be Backwards Compatible

With all the amazing news coming in about the “Next Generation Portable”Read the full article…


First NGP/PSP2 Games Unveiled – Uncharted Included

A console (or handheld) is only as good as its games. SoRead the full article…


NGP (PSP2) Specs: It’s a Beast

For weeks we’ve been hearing about how the PSP2 aka the NGPRead the full article…


NGP aka PSP2 Officially Announced at PlayStation Meeting

Sony has announced an all-new handheld called the Next Generation Portable (NGP).


Possible PSP2 Specs Leaked

As much as we love our PS3’s, we have to admit —Read the full article…


PSP2: New Info, Predictions and What We Know So Far

Everything we know about the PSP2 thus far, and a few things we hope are included when it’s announced.


Capcom President Sees Little Future in the Handheld Market

The PSP2 has been a hot ticket item for months now, withRead the full article…


PSP2 and the PlayStation Phone: Sony Competing With Itself

Sony plans to get very competative in the mobile gaming market… cometative with itself.


PSP2 to Rival PS3’s Power, Could Be Out by October

Sony is set to aggressively increase their market share of the handheldRead the full article…


Sony Preparing January 27th PSP2 Announcement in Tokyo

While the PlayStation Phone has stolen quite a bit of the limelightRead the full article…

Uncharted May Brave New PSP2 Frontiers

Naughty Dog proved that they knew how to expand upon the ideasRead the full article…

PlayStation Controls Included in Latest Android SDK

For those following the fast-moving world of smartphones, the Nexus S wasRead the full article…