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monstrum ps4

Procedurally Generated Horror Game Monstrum Coming to PS4

Escape from a new horror each time.

truck driver game

Triangle Studios Announces Truck Driver, a New Trucking Game in Development

Befriend your community and become the best driver.

owlboy limited edition

Owlboy: Limited Edition Delayed

You’ll have to wait a little longer to throw more cash at Owlboy.

owlboy limited edition

Owlboy Limited Edition Launching in July, Contains Tons of Goodies

Only 6,000 being made per platform!

8 bit armies release date

8-Bit Armies Finally Marches In on the PlayStation 4 This Year

Minecraft doesn’t have weapons capable of mass destruction that this game has.

owlboy physical release

Owlboy Getting Physical Release for PlayStation 4 Later This Year

Will be you picking it up?

defunct ps4

Indie Adventure Game Defunct Coming to PlayStation 4 This Week

Get to the ship before it’s too late!

armello physical release

Digital Board Game Armello Getting Physical Release in March 2018

The board game itself is still digital though.

real farm release date

Real Farm Release Date Announced, Dropping Next Month

Get your tractors ready

AereA Review – Slightly Offbeat (PS4)

Ice your fingers because things are about to get crazy…

Music-Themed Action-RPG AereA Releases on June 30 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

It’s priced at $40 and includes four-player local co-op.

SOEDESCO Announces New Original IP “AereA”

Start of a series it seems.

Narrative Film Noir Horror Game “Dollhouse” Set to Come to PS4 Later This Year

Color us intrigued.

Tactical God-Sim Reus Making Its Way to PS4 & Xbox One in Q3 2016

You’ll be able to pick up a physical copy.

Puzzle Adventure Game Adam’s Venture: Origins Coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC in Early 2016

New trailer shows off gameplay.

Dollhouse Bringing Noir Horror to PS4 in Early 2016

Don’t expect to see Eliza Dushku anywhere.