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days gone gameplay mechanics

Days Gone’s ‘Making of’ Video Highlights Gameplay Mechanics’ Realism

Maintaining Deacon’s motorcycle could be essential to survival.

Now Loading Uncharted 5

Now Loading: What Do You Want Out of an Uncharted 5?

Should Nate’s adventures continue, or should Naughty Dog move on?

ghost of tsushima video

Creative Director Teases Ghost of Tsushima’s Authenticity in ‘Making of’ Video

Sucker Punch is working hard to create an authentic experience.

Spider Man Trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay Launch Trailer Shows Shows Miles Morales and Silver Sable

Could Miles Morales suit up?

uncharted film update

Uncharted Film Director Offers a Promising Update

Things are looking up.

Detroit Become Human Soundtrack

Detroit Become Human’s Musical Experimentation Made Connor Come to Life

The musical pulse of an android.

Cross-Platform Play

Top Fortnite Streamer Ninja Says Sony Blocking PS4 Cross-Platform Play is ‘Greed’

“Don’t be the barrier to the future.”

spider-man ps4 mary jane

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Creative Director Goes Over Mary Jane’s Role

MJ’s role came as a result of exploring Peter and his journey.

spider-man ps4 game

Insomniac Aspires to Reach Rocksteady’s Level With Marvel’s Spider-Man

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

horizon zero dawn sales

Horizon Zero Dawn Reportedly Crosses 5 Million Units Sold at Retail

At retail, Horizon has sold best in European territories.

spider-man gameplay

Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay Shows Off Air Tricks and Stealthy Moves

Spider-Man himself appears to be having a blast.

PS4 Pro Limited Edition

Sony Celebrates 500 Million Systems Sold With Limited Edition PS4 Pro

A reasonable price for a beautiful piece of hardware.

spider-man ps4 rating

Marvel’s Spider-Man Receives ‘Teen’ Rating from ESRB

The ESRB’s rating summary offers a few new details.

Nioh PS4

Koei Tecmo Has ‘No Current Plans’ to Put Nioh on the Xbox One

It kinda sucks being an Xbox fan this generation.

God of War New Game Plus

God of War New Game+ Arrives in August 2018

Boy, run it back.

Spider-Man PS4 Villains

Insomniac Admits Feeling Pressure Around Spider-Man PS4 Villains

Remember that Paramore song?

Gran Turismo Sport Update

Grab Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.24 Before Your Next Road Trip

Seems to be some minor quality of life adjustments.

Death Stranding Game

Rumor: Death Stranding to Appear at The Game Awards 2018

Keighley and Kojima are friends, so…

spider-man ps4 difficulty

Marvel’s Spider-Man Difficulty Level Names Are a Callback to the Comics

Spectacular has a new meaning.

God of War Kratos

Cory Barlog Initially Pitched ‘Dad Bod’ Kratos for God of War

Kratos with a Dad bod seems like a sight worth seeing.