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Supermassive Talks Rush of Blood, Says It Was Well Into Development Before Until Dawn’s Success

Lessons were learned from Until Dawn, however.


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Is a Completely Standalone Game for PlayStation VR, Isn’t DLC

“The whole thing is on-rails.”


Until Dawn Halloween Event Underway, Watch the Halloween Accolades Trailer

Will be gone once Halloween is over.

Until Dawn Review 4

No Until Dawn DLC Currently in Development, Supermassive Working on Its Next Game

And lots more from Reddit AMA!


Report: On-Rails Until Dawn DLC ‘Rush of Blood’ in Testing, Works With PlayStation VR

Supermassive Games may have teased it in our interview.


Supermassive Games Until Dawn Interview – Development, Sequel Ideas, & More

We asked all we can about Until Dawn and what the future holds for Supermassive Games.

Until Dawn 2 the vote

The VOTE: Until Dawn 2 or Something New?

How could they work the logistics of all possible outcomes?


Supermassive Speaks up on Until Dawn Anthology Suggestions

“We do listen carefully to the feedback from fans.”


Until Dawn Update 1.03 Is Over 10.4GB, Fixes Progression Bug & More

Also fixes Trophy issues.


Supermassive Games Comments on Sony’s Lack of Marketing Push for Until Dawn

Admits the “strength of the push” wasn’t as big as they’d have liked.


Supermassive Games “Not Ruling Out” Until Dawn DLC, No VR Edition Planned

“We get asked a lot for a happy-ending for one character in particular.”


Supermassive Games: Until Dawn Sales “Surpassed Expectations,” Already Talking Internally About a Sequel

“I think that you should expect the team to build on what we’ve done with Until Dawn, whether it’s in horror or in other genres. “


Shuhei Yoshida Explains Lack of Until Dawn Marketing Push

Budgets and marketing departments.


Until Dawn Update 1.02 Fixes Progression Issues, Other Bugs

Supermassive is looking into character resurrection issues.


Until Dawn Death Scene Censored in Japan, Fans Unhappy

The scene was blacked out.


Sony Disables Until Dawn Twitch Archiving When Using PS4 Share (Update)

No reason given.


Spoiler Alert – Until Dawn Endings and Post-Credits Scene

This is a safe place to discuss spoilers about Until Dawn.


Sony Offers Possible Until Dawn Pre-Order Issue Workaround

The pre-order bonus chapter is automatically added to your game upon redemption.

Until Dawn Review 4

Until Dawn Custom Audio Mode out Today, Launch Trailer Brings the Thrills

Scare yourself more with the game’s custom audio mode.