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The Catch-Up: March 13th, 2014 – Take-Two Trademarks ‘Hangar 13′

Watch the opening cinematic from Final Fantasy X HD; Over 4 million deaths have occurred in Dark Souls 2 already.


‘No Update’ on BioShock PS Vita by 2K; Take-Two “Thrilled” About Ken Levine’s “New Creative Endeavor”

I have a feeling BioShock Vita isn’t happening anymore…


Take-Two: Grand Theft Auto V has Sold-In 32.5 Million Copies, Borderlands 2 at 8.5 Million

NBA 2K15 and WWE 2K15 confirmed for release in fiscal year 2015.


Take-Two’s Next-Gen Titles Will be New IPs and “Proven Franchises”, Haven’t Discussed “Any Plans” for Grand Theft Auto

Borderlands 2 is on track to be 2K’s best selling title ever.


Take-Two Financials: Grand Theft Auto V has Sold Nearly 29 Million, Over 10 Unique Next-Gen Titles in Development

Grand Theft Auto V has already outsold Grand Theft Auto IV.


Take-Two: Grand Theft Auto V Sets the “Industry’s New Standard for Creativity, Innovation and Excellence”

Next-gen titles, new IP, new releases in proven franchises coming too.


Take-Two CEO is “Somewhat Hopeful That the New Consoles Will Help us Participate in Used Game Sales”

18 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V expected to sell in the first year.


Take-Two Nabs WWE Game Publishing Rights

Still waiting to hear about Darksiders.


WWE Game License May Have Been Acquired by Take-Two

Bet EA is annoyed.