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Ditch the Ride and Shred with Tony Hawk’s Upcoming Title

When Activision announced that last year’s Tony Hawk: RIDE was going to be released along with a skateboard peripheral, ya know, that fake motion skateboard, fans of the series worried big time. EA’s SKATE had come along and taken the crown from Tony and when Tony Hawk: RIDE was released, compared to other titles in the series, it bombed bad. Really bad. Your game doesn’t have a metacritic score of 44 and an overall ranking of 507 out of 522 PS3 games because the media was picking on you. I have good news for fans of the series and bad news for the rest of you, the next title has been announced AND has been given a subtitle!

Tony Hawk’s Ride Does a KickFlip on its Price

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Tony Hawk Upset with Ride Reviews

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PlayStation Release Horizon 11/16/09

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Pot Meet Kettle: Activision, the new Black

3 Activision games cost more than a 80GB PS3, while claiming the PS3 needs a price drop. Hypocrites?

Tony Hawk: Ride Ollies Toward a Sequel

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Tony Hawk: Ride Peripheral To Become Gaming Platform

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Tony Hawk Will Take Your Wallet for a Ride

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Activision Sends UK PS3 Owners on (Temporary) Warpath

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Tony Hawk: “This is the game I’ve always wanted to make”

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