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Xperia PLAY Review

The Xperia PLAY is the first gaming-centric phone since the ill-fated N-Gage.Read the full article…


PLAY This – Age of Zombies

The Xperia Play has now been officially available from Verizon Wireless forRead the full article…


Xperia Play Could Arrive Stateside Soon

Although the UK will get Xperia Play in a week, a releaseRead the full article…


Xperia Play Gets Timed Exclusive

On March 31st, Xperia Play will release in the UK, meaning thatRead the full article…

Potential Price, Release Date for Xperia Play Spotted

The PlayStation Phone Xperia Play has been known in the public spaceRead the full article…


Xperia Play and PlayStation Network; Not So Compatible After-all

Xperia Play owners will have to repurchase the games, so it’s not totally integrated.

Xperia Play Already Has A Growing Library

The Xperia Play has already been announced, but there have been manyRead the full article…


Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY May Call Verizon Wireless Its Home

As of late, any excitement involving Verizon Wireless has been directly relatedRead the full article…


Xperia Play Finally Revealed, Official Announcement Coming

Just as we reported late Friday night, the Sony Ericsson Xperia PlayRead the full article…


Xperia Play to Get Super Bowl Ad Debut

Everyone has assumed that the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, formerly known unofficiallyRead the full article…


Xperia Play Commercial Leaks Onto Web

In what is quickly becoming the worst kept secret ever, Sony Ericsson’sRead the full article…


PlayStation Phone Turns Up on Ebay, Buy it Now for $2500

The recent downpour of NGP news has overshadowed Sony’s other handheld deviceRead the full article…