Xperia Play Could Arrive Stateside Soon

Although the UK will get Xperia Play in a week, a release date for the United States still hasn’t been announced, but the States may be getting Xperia Play sooner than the rest of Europe or Asia thanks to one of the biggest cell phone companies.

Sony Ericsson announced that Verizon will start carrying the phone either next month or early May. For the most part, the Verizon version of the phone will be the same as the global version shown off earlier this year. The major differences will be added Verizon software, such as an Android Kindle App, Skype Mobile, VZ Navigator, and V Cast App Store. Video games can be bought through the V Cast App Store or the Android Market. The same games should be available from either market. The difference between the two is the payment method: games bought on the V Cast App Store will be put on your Verizon bill and games bought on the Android Market will require separate payment. Xperia Play will also launch with six games on the device: Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Star Battalion, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, Madden NFL ’11, The Sims 3, and Tetris.

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