Did you want to know what the new PLAYSTATION Store was going to look like? Yea, me too. Well look no further. Here are a couple of screen shots of the new design for the PAL Store set to hit PSN mid-April. I personally like the new look. Hopefully it will transition seamlessly from screen to screen and section to section.

SCEE has stated that there will be no updates to the content for the European store over the next 2 weeks. However, they have promised a special surprise that will come alongside the updated store. Any idea what that could be? I know what I want it to be.

SCEA has yet to release any concrete information as SCEE has. However, I would expect the US/NA store to be updated around the same time.


SCEA has posted information regarding the release of the revamped PLAYSTATION Store on the official blog. For those of you asking if the store will still be a web browser, here’s your answer:

The new Store will no longer be browser based in the same way the current Store is, making things A LOT faster and smoother; hence the required firmware update.

On the back end, this switch in systems means having to port all of the current code over to the new Store, and, since the new Store is less “texty” and more “visual”, it also means having to create a whole bunch of new art assets just for this Store.

We appreciate everyone understanding that these things take time, and appreciate everyone’s patience. We’re just as excited about the new Store as you are!

Hope this helped to answer your question!

Also, the US store will not be receiving updates over the next 2 weeks just like the EU Store. The US store can expect to see GT5 Prologue with other games and content once the new store is released. There was no mention of that big surprise on the official US blog though. Hmm, hopefully the US will see this big surprise as well.


The pictures are courtesy of CVG.