An RPG for Me….PLEASE!!!!!

An RPG for Me. PLEASE!!!!!


Much is being said about the upcoming changes to PSN and the redesign of the PLAYSTATION Store this April. One complaint that many have mentioned is the lack of PS One games in stores other than Japan. There are reasons for the lack of titles at this time however. Chiefly, licensing issues that were not thought of when the PLAYSTATION was first released. Hopefully These issues will be resolved shortly. With this in mind I hope to see Sony take advantage of one of its greatest strengths, its vast library of RPGs.

The first RPG that comes to the minds of many would be Final Fantasy VII. I would love to see this title on the PLAYSTATION Store. I am even willing to pay over $20 for this and other classic Square Enix titles. Some would ask why I would be willing to pay such a high price for a title such as this. Well I simply think that paying this price is far simpler than searching EBAY or some other site for a quality old school RPG. (To be perfectly honest, I’d rather Square Enix and Sony ensure that we see this title remade for the PS3, but that’s another story for another day).


Suikoden was another popular RPG series in the days of the original PLAYSTATION. I still remember playing Suikoden 1 and 2 late into the night, even when I had school the next morning. Currently these titles fetch a fine price from those that are interested in collecting or simply experiencing these great titles. Having them available on the PLAYSTATION Store would give classic RPGs that would be in high demand. If you don’t believe me, just look at the Official US PLAYSTATION Boards. This would also make up for the fact that these titles were never released for the PSP outside of Japan. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Suikoden Gaiden titles released in the store either. I never had the chance to play them and would definitely jump at the chance.


Other RPGs of interest include:


  • Vandal Hearts 1 &2

  • Legend of Dragoon

  • Chrono Trigger

  • Final Fantasy VIII

  • Breath of Fire III & IV

  • Arc the Lad


Did I leave a ton of RPGs off of the list? Yes. But that’s because I want to hear which RPGs you all desire the most. This offering would definitely make up for the current lack of RPGs on the PS3 and will also bring more content to the PLAYSTATION Store. Those are two things I’m sure everyone would enjoy. So feel free to say which RPGs you’d love to see in the store and even say which RPGs you’d rather never see in the store.


Thanks for reading.