Old Snake… meet Old Sev…

Ive said it now on the blog a few times, that to me there is no game (to me) bigger than MGS4.   Since getting my Metal Gear Saga DVD, I have been on quite a MGS kick, trying to relive everything, and trying to speculate on what is to come.

I started to think about the reason our beloved badass hero is now old.  Not just the reason that since he is a clone he ages at a faster rate.  It seems deeper than that.  Having played many Hideo Kojima games in the past…  I know its deeper than that.

One of the most important reasons Hideo Kojima has mentioned, as to why Snake is now old, is the significance of aging in his own (Hideo Kojima’s) life.   In an early entry in HIDEOBLOG, Kojima was upset by his inability to perform a handstand for his son, considering it a sign of being out of shape due to old age.  So Kojima is including his own feelings and experiences of aging into the character of Old Snake.  Kojima also pays attention to his fanbase, and knows that many of us have grown up along side his games, and plans on tapping into that, with the goal of bringing us closer to Snake as a character.  I know the subject of aging has started to hit me for the first time in my life.  So I can really connect with an aging character.

Old Sev, seems rather fitting for me as I am going through some huge changes in my life.  I am still a very young 25, but having a baby on the way, getting more serious about my career, and going back to college has me wondering about how I am going to fit gaming into my life.  Its something I have grown up with since age 4 playing atari with my father.  I have lived and breathed the gaming industry for several years now.   With more responsibility comes less time.  Less time, means less gaming as that is what I do with a lot of my free time.   My baby is due September 24th.   Right before the gaming blitz that is the holiday season, where most of the biggest games of the year are released.   Luckily for me, I get to enjoy MGS4 before the big change in my life.

With the end of an era, there is always a new era beginning.  With MGS series being over, leaves plenty of room for Kojima to create new series, even a new Metal Gear series.  With the end of my once taken for granted free time, comes a wonderful new life, my child.  Someone who I can instill my traits, beliefs, and inspirations into.  Winning a game could never feel as good, as hearing your child say I love you daddy.  (I would be sure to get a slap right now from my wife, if she knew I was comparing my kid to Metal Gear… LOL)

So this being Snake’s last mission…  It might just be mine as well.

PS – If you remove the S and the I from Solid Snake….  You get Old Snake.