Metal Gear Online coming November 15th? **UPDATE** has listed Metal Gear Online for $59.99 due out this November 15th.

What does this mean for us people buying MGS4?  How will this compare to the “starter pack“?

Will we have to buy $59.99 worth of DLC, to match the experience found on this Metal Gear Online?

HERE is the listing on

I would have to say this is real for many reasons.

I know this will sound like that friend, of a friend stereotype, but once I read this news, I called a friend, who knows someone at Konami.

This person explained that MGS4 will come with a “starter pack” and then have downloadable expansions, maps, weapons, skins, etc. for additional cost.

This MGO disc will have all of the extra DLC, along with the “starter pack” at a reduced price.  Its basically Konami’s way of making back all their money from their investment, and then some.  All while banking off the holiday rush.

Another reason, but this time its speculation on my part, as to the authenticity of this MGO disc…

MGS2: Sons of Liberty was released Nov 14th 2002

MGS3: Snake Eater was released Nov 17th 2004

Konami/Kojima seems to like November releases.

How do I remember those release dates?  Well my birthday is November 16th, so I tend to associate MGS releases with my birthday.

It makes perfect sense for Konami to release MGO “full” in November.

They will be banking off the success of MGS4 twice.

Once if the original release of June 12th.  Then once sales start to slow, they will pick right up again, releasing MGO, just in time for the holidays, where almost anything will sell.  MGO isnt just anything, its going to be one of the largest online communities on the PS3.

All this excitement over the MGO Premiere Beta is really starting to get everyone to wonder what MGO is all about.

Keep an eye on the site, for first day impressions of Metal Gear Online Premiere Beta.