SCEJ Announces Updated PLAYSTATION Store Launch Date for Japan *Update*

April 15th is a Brand New Day!


SCEJ has announced that the new redesigned store will go live the evening of April 15th. Firmware 2.30 will be released alongside the updated PLAYSTATION Store. The announcement touts the “new nimble movements” that will allow navigation through the store and the preview function for downloaded content. A special promotion will be offered that will allow every 50th person that downloads a game to receive a PSN Ticket. Full details about what the ticket will provide have not been disclosed as of this time.


This news comes on the second of the two Thursdays on which the Store would not receive any additional content due to the update. SCEA and SCEE have both announced that their respective updated stores will go live in mid-April. April 15th is as likely a day as any for the stores to go live in these regions as well. This has yet to be confirmed as of yet.


For those of you that have stores in several regions, there has been no information about the impact of the firmware update. Meaning, it is not known what downloading the firmware update in order to access the Japanese PS Store will do when the NA and European Stores go live. Just food for thought on that issue.

Everything has sense been resolved through press releases. See links below.




Link to translated SCEJ announcement here.


  • SCEA has posted a video walk through of the updated store.
  • Reiterated that the GT5 Prologue release date on PSN will be April 17th
  • Firmware V. 2.30 will have DTS- HDMA (Available April 15th worldwide)

Official Blog

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