The New Store Has Arrived

The new PLAYSTATION Store has been released. The update was available as early as 12:30 EST according to some reports. The new store is simply amazing. It is far more fluid than the older store. I find the set up to be much more logical and the look is definitely more appealing.

The new store did come with a bit a new content as well. The Lair pack has the analog control fix and new dragons. It also contains expanded remote play. Remember that little tip that Super Stardust HD was receiving additional content? Well, it is right there in the store. I’m downloading it as we speak. Already one of my favorite games in the store, this will easily cause me to lose countless more hours while enjoying the constant explosions in an attempt to become the top player in the world. (Currently only 205). There are also new Gran Turismo Videos.

Remember, the 2.30 update contains DTS-HDMA decoding as well.

Enjoy the store and thanks for reading.