More FW 2.4 Rumors: Konami Pushing Sony for Trophy Support?

From reading my site, you know that I have some friends in the industry.

What I have been told is that Konami is heavily pushing Sony to hurry up and get 2D trophies, and in game communication, ready in time for the release of MGS4.

MGS4 is all ready to be released so what could Konami have up their sleeve big enough to persuade Sony to getting going, and release those features?

Here is a hint at what might be able to push Sony to move a little faster.

[Ocelot’s voice]


We just finished the press conference.


Everything went according to plan.


We’re entering into the last phase of the mission.

Do you want to execute the launch-day surprise?

Yes, that’s right.

Akihabara, New York, L.A….

Live, simultaneously throughout the world….

Yes, it’s under control.

The VIPs are happy to participate.

Yeah, that’s right.

That person.

Yes, sir, understood.

So on June 12th…

By the way, what should we do about “The Project”?

Yes, that’s correct.

That man has fallen.

It’s about the sequel.

Yes, indeed.




I see.

Yes, sir.

Mr. CEO.