Home Update: Event and Media Center

Sad you can’t go to TGS, E3, GDC or a Sony Gamer Day? Well it appears that Sony has heard your cries and has done something about it. In the latest update to the Home Beta an area has been added where presentations can be given in Home. I can see an E3 presentation given simultaneously with the actual E3 presentation next year. That, developer presentations, and a variety of other things can be done with this area. This doesn’t necessarily soothe the wounds of having Home’s release delayed until the Fall, but it does show that Sony is continuing to add things to make Home a feature that everyone would like to use for one reason or another.

If you’re wondering how I got the information about the update, the answer is obvious. Leakers. Beta testers have given this information to various sites and now you can find the stories around the Internet. Hopefully the expanded Beta won’t suffer from such problems. Yes, that is a dream. I wonder what things haven’t been released as of yet because Sony doesn’t want to let the cat out of the bag too early. The company knows that we will know almost as soon as it is released due to this leaking problem. I’m patiently waiting until the Fall arrives and the issues with leaks, NDAs, and the inability to play are all gone.


P.S. Actual Beta testers have confirmed that this information is indeed true.